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The Guide to Designing a Flysheet for Mailing

Posted by: | Posted on: April 3, 2022

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Do you know what’s a flysheet? It’s a visible paper sheet visible through mail items wrapped in plastic, displaying the address of the recipient and other details. You can use your pictures, logos, and personal items to personalize a flysheet. But that’s not all. Let’s understand what all goes into designing a flysheet.

  • Size: The flysheet size should match that of the catalogue, brochure, or publication that you are mailing. A mismatched flysheet can move inside the wrap, leading to rejection during laser, scanner, and sorting procedures. So, you should use an A4 flysheet for the A4 magazine in a plastic mailer.
  • Return address zone: There should be a company name and return address on each article, containing the post office box or street address. It appears on the top left side of the flysheet and is placed a maximum of 40mm below the top. Other things such as email, LOGO, and URL are permitted as long as they don’t block the return address and other things.
  • General design needs: Content for the postage, address zone, and return address should not be decorative or cursive fonts. Also, it not should be underlined, shadowed, bold, or italics. Decorative logos, branding, and designs can be placed on the flysheets but those should not hide the postage, address block zone, or return address.
  • Postage zone: The postage paid text should be imprinted in capital letters placed within a box. It should be on the top right corner area that’s known as the postage zone. Besides, only the “Priority” indicator inscription is allowed in this box if the service is print post indica (for a print post-work) or applicable.

After designing, you should look for professional commercial printers in Brisbane to get the hard copy printed for the purpose.

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