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Select the Right ESD Flooring

Posted by: | Posted on: March 27, 2020

Static discharge, also known as electrostatic or ESD, is caused by the release of electrons from static electricity that can build up on the insulating body. 

Electrostatic dissipative flooring is recommended for use in electronics assembly and test areas, flammable storage and processing, and ​​munitions areas. 

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Interlocking ESD Flooring For Commerce And Industry | Ecotile Flooring

ESD flooring creates an effective method to control static discharge which can result in significant damage, injury and financial loss, as well as providing compatibility with the latest recommendations of the EOS / ESD 2020-2007. 

Many modern electronic devices are extremely sensitive to ESD because they are a very thin layer of insulating glass that can be damaged when exposed to as little as 40V of discharge or less. 

Electrostatic discharge shock has been documented as a significant contributor to serious problems ranging from computer freeze-up and drop calls to the failure of the semiconductor and shutdowns of mission critical operations.

In the case of ESD floor, the two most important ESD standards for the ESD STM 97.1-1999 Floor Materials and Footwear and ESD STM 97.2-1999 Floor Materials and Footwear.

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