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Posted by: | Posted on: March 13, 2021

Everything About Different Types of Dental Cosmetic Services

Dentistry is a very broad branch of medicine. This includes a range of tests, diagnosis, and treatments for dental problems. In this case, the dentistry problem can be well treated by dentists. 

There are dentists who specialize in the treatment and diagnosis of all types of oral diseases.  You can now get in touch with the top cosmetic dentist in North Bethesda or Rockville cosmetic dentistry at Pike District Smiles.

What Are the Different Types of Cosmetic Dentistry?

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Basically, dentists provide a wide variety of dental services and these are:-

1. Bridging – is a dental restoration method performed by professional dentists. This bridge is actually used to replace the missing tooth, which is why it is clinically known as fixed partial denture.

2. Dental implants and dentures – is a type of dental treatment performed by a dentist known as a periodontist. Dental implants consist of dentures that are attached directly to a person's jaw. Unlike dentures, implants have been repaired and can no longer be removed. On the other hand, dentures are also artificial teeth that replace natural teeth. They are made of metal or plastic.

3. Invisalign – is a well-known orthodontic therapy that uses 3D technology for imagination. They are clear straighteners that adults, teenagers, and even children can use. In most cases, invisalign straightening tools are used as an alternative to traditional braces.

Posted by: | Posted on: June 26, 2020

Must-Know Tips For Pre-Whitening Teeth Treatment

Everyone loves a beautiful smile, yet nobody wants to visit a dentist for teeth treatment. Once upon a time, the fear was justified because most teeth treatment caused acute pain and discomfort. Today this is no longer the case. Technology has introduced so many advanced methods that provide excellent results with little or no discomfort caused during the teeth treatment.

What makes a beautiful smile? The warmth in the eyes of the person who is smiling and a set of very beautiful teeth. If the teeth are yellow, stained, discoloured, the smile becomes flawed. You can pop over here to get more information regarding teeth treatment.

In fact, people who are aware of the flaws of their teeth tend to avoid to smile or laugh openly and this is such a pity. Do not hide your smile; go for whitening teeth treatment and enjoy the power and charm of having a beautiful smile.

Here are a few tips that would help you prepare for your whitening teeth:

1. Have all your teeth free of decay.

2. Ensure that all extrinsic stains are removed and your teeth are free from plaque accumulation.

3. If you are a smoker, remember to stop smoking at least 72 hours before the whitening teeth treatment as smoking can cause acute tissue damage.

4. Ensure that there are no open wounds/ scratches on the gums.

After the whitening teeth treatment, you are still not out of the woods. Pay attention to the post-whitening care of your teeth. It often happens that the treatment is done right but the results sour because of poor follow-up care. Hypersensitivity is something that many people complain about; therefore, you should be prepared for a few days of inconvenience.