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Phobia of flying

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Posted by: | Posted on: October 5, 2020

Forms of Anxiety Disorder – Phobia

Forms are also classified among anxiety disorders as phobias, which are specific phobias that a person develops. They can be acute and are usually irrational. 

Familiar phobias include closed spaces, fear of heights, flight, driving, water, insects, and blood. Many people have a range of spontaneous or natural fears, some of which are serious. To get more information about fear of flying by plane you can visit


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People who have never flown before are often afraid of the idea of flying, but that does not mean they have anxiety phobias. Phobia does not just involve simple fear; They are an irrational and extreme fear of a particular situation or object. 

People affected by phobia can often be fearless in almost all other aspects of their lives, perhaps able to fly in an aircraft or even parachute out of one but are afraid to go above the tenth floor in an elevator.

Phobias can be quite specific. Several recorded cases exist that had common objects, and even exceptionally heterogeneous situations have been identified as a source of a high degree of concern. 

These fears are usually inappropriate, and the victim may also realize it. However, this does not change the level of concern. Anxiety due to fear can lead to other disorders, for example, obsessive-compulsive disorder or panic disorder. 

Some believe that avoiding phobia is the best treatment, and maybe the answer, but only if the phobia is something rare that is often not encountered in normal life.